Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August Update- Don't Starve, Depression, What's to come (mentions of Ada...

The Dome- building sketch

Hey guys, just a little sketch today before I head of to, well, another camping trip.

I know my handwriting is atrocious so let me give you a quick summary. This is the Dome. It's a (mostly) underwater building that meant to be a sanctuary and a dooms day shelter. It may not look it, but those long poles are strong. It's attached to the bottom of the crevice of the deep sea by site B, also known as the Anchor.

Much like an iceberg, people usually only see the island above water, not expecting the enchanted world below.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shark Week Aint Over till I Say It's Over

(site update at very bottom)

I'll be honest with you guys. I fucking love sharks. And it just so happens that in June (you know, the month before Mermaid May and July Shark week) I was drawing some lovely shark mermaids... uh, shark-maids? Whatever. So enjoy. These gals were originally going to be part of my art walk series, so you'll be seeing more them them soon (except for the rest of this week cause I'm going camping. Full update at the bottom)

Goblin, Whale, Tiger and Thresher shark concept art
Mako, Angel, and Wobbegong Shark concept art

Hammer Head and Epaulette Shark Concept art
Some of the designs have changed since then, but you'll have to wait for next week for those!

Happy Shark Week!

Hi guys! I'm back! Remember how i said I needed a few days off and it turned out to be a month?! Boy, wasn't that swell?

Okay serious update, my depression has been spiking up and down like a roller coaster. But things seem to be... somewhat stable? At the moment?

So I'm going to start posting stuff. How often, I have no idea. I work at a party store and Halloween is the most insane time of the year. But here's my plan at the moment.

Slug At Work-- There's about 8 or so pages left in the first chapter. So hopefully I can get all of those done before the one year anniversary in October?

Reviews- Since I've been watching so many shark week videos, I'm going to do a v-log type review about the shows and what was the coolest stuff. After that, I have 2 Moana theory videos I want to put out.

Games-really want to get my footage of Night In the Woods up because I just had so much fun with that game. I'm thinking because I don't post letsplays often, I'm going to keep going with the large chunks of videos instead of 20 minute long segments.

However, since we are now in August, my "Year of Blackwell" plan has taken a nose dive. So instead of a year of Blackwell games, I'm just going to keep playing at my own pace, and maybe a couple other Wadjet Eye games, with the goal of putting out those letsplays before their next game, Unavowed, comes out (any Wadjet Eye game that takes place in New York tends to be a connected universe and I have theories about Unavowed that i currently can't share without spoiling Blackwell)

Everything else, from a patreon to livestreams, those, well, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, people. No solid plans for anything else right now.

So I'll see you guys next week after my camping trip.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Everythings gonna be Ok- artwalk cancelled, paintings preview, hiatus ongoing

things i was working on for the art walk
Hey guys. Sorry if any formating on this is weird, im doing this from my phone.

Long story short, my depression from last month wasnt caused by a change in medication. and despite appearing to get better, its become obvious that its gotten much worse. Honestly i probably shouldnt be writing this now with how my mind set right now. but i thought i should let all you guys who support me whats going on.

This along with many other reasons is why i decided to pull out of the artwalk. i tried starting the comic back up but every idea has been tainted with dark thoughts and every enjoyment has been fleeting.

But there is a silverlining.

First the art walk. i may not be part of it this year but i acomplished my personal goal: im painting again. And when my mood is stable, im enjoying it. you can see various works in progress above.

Second i recognize whats going on with me and after exhausting all my usual resources, im going to see my therapist and doctor soon.

Third, im taking the next few days off to get recharge and get better. better enough to be around people anyway.

And four, IM NOT GIVING Up. Im still commited to my art, my writing, and my comic, Slug At Work.

Depression is a constant speedbump in my life, and some are bigger then others. so this happens. Its happened for years. but there is no way im going to let it permanatly stop me.

So you'll hear from me soon!
- Tegan Dumpleton aka the SlugLady

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crippling Depression!

You'd think I'd be able to notice the signs after all these years. But nope! 

So, yes, I haven't posted anything I planned, mainly due to crippling depression! Or rather, not realizing i was showing signs of major depression until it became overwhelmingly unbearable.

In fact, this has been the most unproductive month I have had in a while. Literally could not draw. I wondered if it was anxiety from the art walk coming up. Or maybe due to my lack of proper sleep. Depression caused by stress. Maybe I was being lazy.

None of the above! Turns out the new sleeping pills i started at the beginning of the May, were actually causing my depression to kick up, even keeping my usual anti depressents from working. I've been off them for a couple days, and my mood has gone up a lot.

I was honestly going to save this joke for my comic, but I'm usually prescribed new sleeping pills and new amounts to take, like, every two months. I've taken so many over the years i don't even remember half their names anymore. It's the only medication I haven't been able to find the right balance for. 

Guess it's back to the drawing board for me (in more ways then one.)

-Tegan Dumpleton aka the SlugLady

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Earlier this week I showed you guys this picture from a secret project.

I am pleased to announce that that secret project is THE EDMONTON ART WALK.

Every year, Edmonton's Whyte Avenue becomes art central, with artists selling and making art all down the street! And this year, I'm gonna be one of them.

So what does this mean for updates?

I'm still getting use to my work hours, but with me working on stuff for the Artwalk, you should be seeing regular art updates. Now, both of these projects are going to take up a lot of time. Heck, just getting a few things worked out in the last two weeks was so insane, I couldn't work on fixing Slug At Work.

But I won't be selling comics at the Artwalk, which means I'm definitely going to attempt to make comics at the same time so I don't get withdrawal or something! I don't know how, and I'm going to be extremely busy, but I'll do what I can to make it work!

Basically, updates are irregular from now till the ArtWalk

Oh yeah, I promised sketches for you guys, right?

Well, I'll be honestly, these aren't the greatest sketches, because I was drawing super light and running out of pages,(i have now turn the book upside down and drawing on the back pages) but heres a few rough sketches for now

And the one nice sketch!

So you can see a bit of a theme going on. Sharks and Slugs. That's still not final, I've got mermaids and betta fish paintings on the way too and possibly some other things.

That's all for now guys

Wish me luck. Cause its going to be and interesting two months!

-Tegan Dumpleton aka The SlugLady

Sluglady Plays Night In the Woods Ep 09- The Graveyard Shift

Mae and Bea check out the graveyard for clues. Also, Mae's nightmares get WEIRD...ER