Friday, March 23, 2018

Sluglady Plays Blackwell Deception Ep1: He SHOT me!

Rosa and Joey are at it again in the 4th Blackwell Game! Time for a boat ride!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Speed Draw: Slug At Work Page 23

What is Chapter *******?

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Slowly, slowly getting to the end of chapter one!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Slug At Work Bonus Comic #2: Culture Confusion

Ever get those meoments when it feels like your characters have a mind of it's own?

But yeah, I'm pretty embarrassed about this but I've been drawing Media's clothing wrong. I know she's a spirit of chaos but I'm still going to go back to fix any images where I drew the clothes wrong.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2017 Review Illustration: Pony Power!

Y'know what I realized? That I never posted the final drawing from the 2017 review!

I honestly wasn't planning to post anything today, until I found this thing while doing some site updates

Introducing the pony versions of Wonder Woman, Wingblade from transformers, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur from Marvel, Mae from Into The Woods and Rey from Star Wars

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Blood in the Water sketches pt2

Two more sketches from Blood In The Water. These are the last sketches (please excuse that horrible anatomy in the first image) but I need names for these guys if I keep posting stuff of them.

Let's go with... Meg for our shark girl and Amy for buff girl. 

I mentioned that Meg can shapeshift. You saw her human-ish and shark-ish forms yesterday, but she can go full shark.

But she's not full shark here...

Here we go! This is Meg's big secret. Well, one of them. She looks similar to a great white, but she's actually a Megalodon. (Meg? Megalodon? Get it? Y-you get it? Haha?)

Meg usually isn't in her full shark form, because it would require a lot of space and a LOT of food. She usually only uses it to go deeper, where the pressure is too much for modern sharks. Luckily, she shrinks when she shifts into a human form, so she's able to "appear" to be a great white shark. But if a marine biologist was to look at her, they'd know instantly that she does not have the same body as a great white.

And above is Meg's original origin. I don't know if I'm going to keep this splash of sci-fi in the story or make Meg's origins more fantasy based.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Blood in the Water- Shelved story idea

Here's a story that I randomly pick off the shelf now and again. Blood in the Water (working title) is a romantic fantasy that focuses on a shape-shifting shark mermaid and a buff tourist vacationing in Hawaii, that may not be exactly human.

 These sketches were super fast but I did do a little cleaning up. Oh, and I made the text legible. Here are some random scenes from the story:

She also forgets to mention, she's a massive flirt, even in "primal shark" mode.

Sometime later

And after they get to know each other...

The mermaid was a character I made long ago. But this actual stories was more of an experiment to write an, ahem, "adult romance" story.

Turns out I don't like writing romance. Especially adult romance. It's not me being squeamish, cause I can draw said scenes. I just don't have interest in it. So Blood in the Water won't get written anytime soon (I mean, the characters are current "Mermaid" and "Buff Girl"). But drawing this mermaid is too much fun. so she will be back.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Content Starts Tomorrow!

Hey all! As I promised a month ago, I have taken February to get back into the groove of  not-having-to-go-to-therapy-4-times-a-week, and I'm back. I am ALSO done with the big family project that took up a lot of my content making time the past month (A video for my grandparents 60th anniversary/grandpa's 80th birthday, which was a lot of fun to make )! So guess what!


Is there going to be an exact schedule? Well, nope. But even if the days are regular, the content will be. Every week there will be, along with a speed draws, a Slug at Work comic, sketches and other projects, and a let's play video. And once every month, there will be at least one video review.

Now for the extra bits:

Slug At Work Chapter two is not going to start until April. I got a few more extra comics I want to get out before we start the next storyline.

For lets plays, I've decided to just do one video a week, instead of smashing them all together. Yeah, it will take longer to get the full playthrough out, but I'd rather have a consistent amount of content going on. Aaaaaand, I'm more artist then letsplayer, and that's how it's always going to be.

Why only one video review a month? Just like lets play, I'm more art focused. And even though my reviews are also part speed-draws, it takes me longer to put a review together then a letsplay or a comic. I'm hoping to solve this by making my reviews a lot shorter then the past ones, so I can put them out more consistently.

New artwork will also include fan art. I got inspired to do a rewrite of an old story of mine, so you'll be seeing that slowly come out too.

I also have some secret stuff in the works, but we'll cross the bridge later.

Alright! See you all tomorrow!

-Tegan Dumpleton aka The Sluglady