Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Changing it up! Goodbye Artslug, HELLO Sluglady Studios!

Hey all. I needed a few more days to iron out my plan. What is the plan?




Now that all the rush and bustle of Halloween done, It's time to jump back into what I was doing. Turning this into a business! I already mentioned that I'm moving my art over to a new, dedicated portfolio site: However, it is not ready yet, neither is the new website for Slug At Work:

So for the next couple weeks, while I'm still posting here, I'll be finishing up the two sites. Once the new sites are finished, I'll keep Artslug online for a while, just to help direct people. After enough time has passed, I'm going to either close Artslug for good, or archive it. For Sluglady's Sketchlog, I'm going to go through past posts and clean things up, and then leave it as an archive for anyone that wants to see past reviews (since I'm not going to have a dedicated review site. Reviews are on the side.)

However, Sluglady's Studio is a portfolio site, I'm going to do any blog related stuff on Tumblr. Which might be surprising since I haven't used my art tumblr in ages.

Really what is comes down to is that I have TOO MANY SITES, for some very simple things. So having one dedicated portfolio site, and one blog will make things a lot easier to sort and to notify people through social media

Is there going to be a schedule? Well, for now, no. I'm going to update more regularly, however, in order to work on paying jobs, I'm can't really have a set schedule. Slug at work will have a set schedule, but I won't announce it yet.

Okay? Okay.

Here we go.

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