Monday, August 29, 2011

Zanni Drago: Comic

Okay, here's something i've been meaning to put up for a while now. A fourth year comic project. Idea is simple enough: Make a short comic with no words.

For mine, I created a small scene from one of my stories. Yes, another story idea. Shush (You'll see what I have planned for many of them soon enough).

 I'll let you look at the story before I go on...






Ready? Okay. 

The story is a fantasy story taking place in a world of humans and dragons. I won't get into the politics just yet, but needless to say, they don't get along. On the human region, Dragons are either slaves or outlaws. The main character here, Zanni, is an entertainer, looking for her missing father. Downside is that Zanni has dragon blood in her, and those horns on her head ain't the easiest to hide, even with her costume. She also has two young dragons as her companions (names withheld due to my decision that i wanted to change them)

The comic depicts an average day for Zanni: Put on a performance, earn some breakfast money, have a small run-in with the local officers, escape in the most flashiest way possible!

Now for the part I hate. The critique.

Okay, since this one is kinda old, I'm gonna just give it a quick run down of things I like and things i'd do differently. 

First up, I love some of my drawing in this. True, the anatomy isn't the best, but many of the poses and expressions I wouldn't change, the linework looks really nice (this was an early attempt at pencil only lineart), and despite being one of my earlier attempts at photoshop, I still really like some of the coloring jobs I did. Okay, I would definitely redo the blank backgrounds. It was an experiment and it didn't work. Moving on....

This is probably one of the first comics in a long time where I used extreme perspective. Like a said, not the best. But I'll blame it partly on my novice-ness. And partly on that SLAGGING, BLOOMIN' SKIRT. I don't know if it was the colors, or the design but it was like staring at one of those "fine the hidden picture" images for TEN HOURS. My eyes are turning sand dry from the memory *shudders*. I think next time i'll try a live model of the dress, and see if that will get my head straight.

But the most important thing is wether or not the story translates to someone who knows nothing of the story. Most people understood it, though there are a few things that need work, such as the scenes between Zanni and her dragons. 

Overall, ya, I still like it.

The NEXT post on the other hand... i'll be showing early character sketches of Zanni and... some of them were my first attempt at photoshop.

Ya. This is gonna hurt.

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