Sunday, December 25, 2011

Resolutions, explanations and a peek of things to come

Merry Christmas, Happy ecetera-and-so-forth and a happy new year, peoples! 

I’m looking forward to the new year like you cannot believe. Yes, it has been a... interesting year for me. And heck, i actually have some new art tonight! So lets get started:

I wanted to give a shout out to Deirdre Foster of Chat de BLA/Swiss Tales who used some of my images for Haroun and the Sea of Stories, for flyers for their telling of the book. The play was a few months ago and she told me that it went great! Congrats to Ms. Foster and the whole Chat de BLA/Swiss Tales gang! And thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

Next, for those that were paying attention to SOPA related news, they you’ll know that the final decision has been postponed... making my “THERE’S NO TIME LEFT” comment seem like a bit of an over reaction. But I got to say, this is the first time I've actually been happy about a bill taking it’s time in parliament.

The reason I was all “HURRY! HURRY NOW!” is because this is a pretty scary bill. And I’m not gonna apologize for posting info on my sites about it. This bill affects anyone who uses the internet, especially for work and art purposes, weather it’s for posting you’re videos, streaming to friends, and networking. Honestly, the scope of this thing is pretty broad, just because of how ridiculously vague it is. So I hope that any one interested will at least take a look at the sites and videos, and not shrug is off as propaganda, or shrug it off as “another day in American politics”, especially since the bill is free to read for yourselves. If you’re still kinda iffy, find a news site you trust, mainly a nerd or art site. I’m sure some of ya have heard of That Guy With The Glasses, which have been posting news like crazy about SOPA

Oh, and I never mentioned how NANOWRIMO went! I didn’t make it to the 50 000 words, but I did manage to get a lot of writing done and it was alot of fun! Hope everyone else who participated had a great time!

Now, on to the main stuff: I know I have been promising and promising for the last several months that new things would be showing up here, including sketches for my webcomic... but it’s just not gonna happen, at least right now. I know, I know, we have danced this dance before and I am more of a little sick of it. As I said in the last couple of months, it can’t be helped with how the last couple of months have been. I honestly kinda wish that I started a big hiatus back in October, but I couldn’t have foreseen all these things involving work, my health, my family and my... general, uh, Tegan-ness.

So, next week or two will be a hiatus, but I will put up a x-mas picture tonight, since, heck, I do that every year and I love doing it! (last year was new years, so it didn’t count) and this month’s articles should be done next week (cross. Fingers.), but other then that, the things I've been planning for so long will not be starting this month.

BUT It’s gonna be a new year, work will cut down after boxing day stuff is done, and I will (hopefully) get back to a schedule that doesn’t take up my time. My health needs work (understatement) but I am working on it Things look good. 1212 feels like a good year... y’know, except that last part about the apocalypse.

See ya all next year, when I may actually have both time and energy to concentrate on what I actually want to do with my life: Drawing and writing whatever I want, and bringing joy to those that partake in it. I guess you could call it my new years resolution.

Huh. This reminds me of something...

Perhaps, in the New Year, I will tell you about it ;)


 SlugLady28 aka Tegan Dumpleton

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