Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Fashion Sketches

Gah! Don't hit me! I know I'm late with this weeks image. Geh, what is this, two, three weeks in a row now? Time to put my nose back to the grind stone, before some habits take root again *embarressed blush*

Okay, so before I start groveling on my knees for you all to forgive me, lets check out this (last?) weeks sketches!

Guess what? I'm jumping on the Redesign Bandwaggon! I'm going to be talking about character costumes in the next several weeks on SlugLady's Sketch-Log, and accompanying them with redesigns of characters. These however, are not them. These are a few quick sketches that I felt like doing after getting really really sick of thinking about everything related to functionality. That and I got a little inspired by CdCblanc's work. Admittedly, these can be pushed alot farther, especially Wondy's outfit, but it allowed me to blow off some much needed steam.

Aaaaand, here is the phony title card I made for the redesign articles. Hee.

Now, for the redesign, I'm also asking for a little help from fans! Check it out the info here:

K, that's it for tonight. Once again, sorry about the lack on time (if any) updates in the last few weeks. But since I'm not working as many hours this week, I can do some much needed heavy duty posting at last! Finally!

(And hopefully some much needed redesigning to the site layout. Seeing as HTML stuff hates me just as I hate it, don't be surprised if the site looks like it's been attacked by MissingNo. in the next few weeks)

Now, back to the grind stone! HI-YAAA!

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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