Sunday, May 20, 2012

Con Sketches- Mantis and Torg

Hey guys! here are this weeks post. It's a bunch of sketches of Mantis and Torg I did at the convention. And this should be the last of the rougher sketches for a bit. Next week will be some more refined 

Very quick sketches of Mantis i drew during the Laurie B. panel.

This is a simple exercise i'll do when working on poses. I'll keep the torso in about the same position, but the head and limbs i'll just keep redrawing over and over again in different poses. It helps me mix and match certain poses and helps me notice things I wouldn't have before.

Mantis at different ages

Torg and bikes do not mix

Hey! Look! It's an actual landscape... sketch. The feed back I got from my sketch book was basically "Do you do any backgrounds?"

Ah. Right. Forgot about those. Guess I've been focusing on character and fashion design lately, I haven't really posted any scenery art. I'll have to get on that, heh.

So here is a quick sketch of Torg in a tree, overlooking a space station. (Yes, I know you can't tell due to lack of detail. I've been using a very tiny sketchbook lately.)

Torg sketches! (I need to post more of these), and his trusty robotic sidekick. And to repeat: Torg and bikes do not mix.

Edit May 21: Oh, forgot to mention: I was trying out a bit of a new look for Torg. Since I haven't drawn him in ages, and had no reference at the con, I basically just drew him as the first image that came to mind: Two eyes instead of one, a more human looking torso and different markings. Like i said, it was just an experiment, since I haven't drawn him in so long. I like that he's a bit buffer, and I like the new markings, but I'm not sure if i'll stick to the more human features.

That's it for now! Seeya next week! Oh, and I think that posts will happen on weekends from now on. I'd rather have a set time each week for posts instead of having the posting day so sporadic.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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