Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blim and April

Well! These two look familiar!

Charater Designs of Blim and April, two characters from one of the series I'm working on, Sanctuary: World Of Nomads.

And this should probably be a good time to tell you that they are NOT the main characters.

In fact, at the moment, they don't show up that much at all. S:WON, is an anthology of different stories, all taking place on the same planet, with a plot slowly weaving into the main focus of the story. As I was working through school, I used a few assignments to work on some the different stories. Will you be seeing the others I did soon? Uh, No. Sorry. They are all extremely old (think "highschool and start of college" old) and I'd rather not put them up here in their current state. You can check out a few older sketches I'm not planning on posting here at my DA page

 Tegan Dumpleton, aka SlugLady28

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