Monday, June 4, 2012

"A Gwragedd Annwn, a Claurican and a Leprechaun walk into a Barr..."

Hey guys. Apologies for the late update. Remember when I said that I wasn't going to be updating just sketches. Well, my scanner decided to cause me even more problems today. I don't know if it was the paper, the amount of detailing or if it was just having a bad day, but every scan I made, actually made the image look blurry just enough to make my eyes hurt. This hasn't been the first time this scanner has caused me issues (see last weeks posts), so I'll have to get a new one before posting anything more refined. I tried to scramble together something else at the last minute, but everything else I'm working on will still need a few hours to finish and I have work tomorrow.

So, y'know what? I need some cheering up. So I'm going to ignore my scanner, and show off a few really quick rough sketches of characters from a book I've been gushing over lately: Between Worlds

The book is about Barr, hunter of mystical creatures and a lover of Vic Bitters and a good cup of coffee. It's his job to send back creatures that enter our realm without permission. Unfortunately, Barr's life gets sidetracked when he meets a Gwragedd Annwn, who brings about one revelation after another for poor Barr, causing him to question everything around him, especially the people he works for. On top of that, she charges him to save her realm from destruction... yep. Time to bring out the whiskey.

Between Worlds was a great read. I'm a big fan of Kurtis J. Wiebe's horror comic, Green Wake so I grabbed the book when I saw him selling it at the con. It's a fantasy with a dash of horror and noir mixed in.

These are a few sketches of the characters, though the Claurican isn't here. Here's two images of Ann,(wearing a Billy Idol shirt), one of Barr (and yes, that is butterflies on his sweater, courtesy of his Aunt Polly, and the last one being Laddy. Laddy is probably the only one I'm not totally satisfied yet. Don't think I got the face juuuust right. Though I was surprised just how much the Barr in my head resembles the man on the original cover.

I judge a book by how many scenes I would love to draw. And Between Worlds has a lot of those. And Barr is just a fun character. He's such a jaded jerk and you love him for it! Maybe when I get some free time, I'll doodle some more images from the book...

Free Time. Right.

If you excuse me, I need to google where to buy a good scanner...

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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