Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warm up week part 3 and 4: Ivy and Fashion

So, I never did post more warm ups last week, so-- bonus pic today! Oh, and it's traditional work!

First up is a marker test for Poison Ivy, who will be part of my article tomorrow... Yes I know the pencil is messy, yes I know the shadows and anatomy are all wrong---not the point. This was a simple warm up, testing which colors to use where, etc.

Oh, and this isn't a spoiler... mostly. Ivy's going to look very different when I'm done with her.

Second is FASHION DESIGNS! Because I'm obsessed with the stuff! I was also playing with my brush pen, because I love brush pens.

And those that have been looking at my work since my early years might recognize the hair on these characters...

Small update this time. Quite a lot of those going around. Which brings me to some important news!

I've been thinking about what my next step should be and well... I really, really really want to start drawing some comics. I've been fiddling around with stories and concepts, and I've been doing (somewhat) well with the schedule, so I feel like all that's left to do is just dive right in.

Buuuut that is going to be really hard while at the same time posting things on a weekly basis on two sites and work at my day job during what is possibly the most busiest time of the year next to christmas... And no, that wasn't an exaggeration. So instead of putting off working on comics for another month or two, I'm changing up the schedule!

So for the next few months the site will be updating irregularly... very irregularly. And the sketch-log will probably only have one article during september, at the end of the month. And November I'm going to be trying Nanowrimo again! I'm going to be posting things on that guy with the glasses and doing more site updates. Along with putting together a new site for a few projects.

My mind is moving a 100 miles per hour with ideas! Okay! Wish me luck!

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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