Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week of Sketches Day 2: Iolite the Gemsona

Welp, if you didn't know I like Steven Universe, you do now! 

If you've never watched this show, let me point you over to this fan trailer here that pretty much sums it up without big spoilers. Steven Universe is one of the most intriguing, clever and beautiful shows I'm currently watching. Directed at both children and adults, it goes into everything from different kinds of family units, sexuality, gender stereotypes, different kinds of love, and so so much more. And with the majority of voice actors and actresses being People Of Color, it's also one of the most diverse shows on TV.

And because I love the show so much, I've jumped on the bandwagon and made my own "Gemsona".
(Spoilers for Steven Universe)

This is Iolite. Much like Pearls, Iolites are made to be servents, used in crafting and construction in Blue Diamonds court. Iolites are also work as walking compasess, and can even look directly at the sun to tell exact directions.

This Iolite... not so much. Though is works as a craftsman, her compass ability is never correct, but instead has a great amount of "dumb luck". This put her on a much lower class then her fellow Iolites. Due to this, and her love of Earth's art and nature, she joined Rose Quartz's rebels. After the war, Iolite was believed to have been shattered, but thanks to her dumb luck, she some how was overlooked by the enemy and survived, sleeping in her gem. When she finally woke up hundreds of years and took on a physical form, Iolite was alone. Unsure what happened to the rest of the rebels, Iolite is now stumbling across the earth, trying to understand what happened over the last hundreds of years.

Thanks to her lack of direction, she walks right past the warp pad that would have taken her to her friends.

Now for the drawing. This is not the final design for Iolite, hence why it's not colored.. Below are a few small sketches of newer design ideas, involving two long bits of hair sticking out of her head, bellbottoms and a vest. You can actually see her a more final design in the top left corner of this picture!

When researching the actual gem, I learned the vikings used Iolites as compasses, so of course I had to put that into her origin somehow. However... I can't tell south from east so, yeah.

Lets see, what else... well, Iolite is pretty ditsy, overly friendly, maybe to the point of gullible. Her main music is Electro-Swing, and her dancing is... pretty much whatever pops into her head. Which can make her pretty hard to fuse with.

And whats a Gemsona without a couple of fusions to go with it! The Cow Girl up top is Iolite and Amethyst,with a spiked lasso, the big burly one is Iolite and Garnet, with blacksmith abilities and can breat fire, and the little one balancing on a pole is Iolite and Pearl, who is based on the story of the Monkey King with an extending pole to match. Haven't come up with to much for interactions, except that Amethyst and Iolite get along really well, and well, not so much with Pearl. Pearl sees doens't like fusing with Iolite because, much like the Monkey King, their fusion is a bit of a prankster

Thats it for today! Bu-bye!
Tegan Dumpleton aka The SlugLady

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