Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wonder Woman Tests P1- Lineart

If you remember from this picture, I said that I was planning to use the image for tests and practice. Here's the first batch. I didn't use any fancy techniques here. It was mostly to test new materials, like the white gouache (yes i know i spelled it wrong in the picture)  and the copic pens and comparing them to materials i'm use too. 

The multiliners, nibs and brushes are my favorite, with the medium tip pens being my least favorite. The biggest difference though was the feel of each pen. You can see at the top that there isn't too much difference between the different fineline pens. But the micron and copic moved and felt much smoother against the paper then the fabercaster, which i felt i had much less control of, even in the fine line.

The only new technique i used here was the brush painting at the end. I don't paint linework with brush and ink so it was nice to try it out.

Next time I'll be moving out of my comfort zone!

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