Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mantis Gown Color Tests

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Hey guys, the speed draw might be canceled for tomorrow but I do have a preview. Here's some color tests of Mantis' gown. And believe it or not, even the most goofy looking designs have reasons behind them. Can you figure out which ones are based on REAL praying mantis'?

1. Gold Flakes-- This was just a warm up, using the same color design as Mantis' usual armor. But then I had fun with with the spatter brush, making Mantis look like she was covered in gold sparkles

2. Ruby and Rouge-- If you haven't noticed yet, Mantis loves her pinks and purples, so I went with a darker set of pinks. No secret inspiration for this one.

3. Orchid Mantis-- THIS one is my favorite color scheme, because it's based on the design of the Orchid Praying Mantis, the animal Mantis' more newer design is based from! This type of mantis looks just like an orchid, giving it perfect camouflage for hunting and hiding. It also look freaking beautiful

4. Young Orchid Mantis-- You know what I learned about the Orchid Mantis while looking for reference? That it starts off brown and orange before it molts into a pretty and pink adult

5. Testing 1, 2, 3-- Okay, this one is really just a mess. Testing out strips, shading, and even a slight skin tone change and hair change.

6 Devil's Flower-- Here's another one based on a real animal - The Devil's Flower Mantis. This bug has a lot of different version of the species, but i went with this color combination

7- Green is Good-- This one is just a test in green shades, since it use to be Mantis's main color.

8- Jeweled Praying Mantis-- I SWEAR there is a real mantis with this color scheme. It's called the Jeweled Praying Mantis. And you can see it right here if you don't believe me:

9- Golden Oldie-- Another goofy one, based on Mantis' old look before her redesign.

Check back soon to see what the final design will be!

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