Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quarter Horse Sketches

So the other day, I had 3 hours to kill between interviews. So I sat down in a Tim Hortons and using my brand new touch screen phone, I started sketching horses. Specifically, American Quarter Horses for one of my comic ideas "Snakeskin Boots"

I will be the first one to admit that I am not the greatest at drawing 4 footed animals. Never had much interest in it as a kid either, other then cats. But like so many other things in "Snakeskin Boots", I'm forcing myself to draw a lot of things that challenge me.

So who is this horse? Well, for now lets just call him "The Horse With No Name" ;)

And the biggest challenge with drawing this horse, is not just the proportions or the movement, but keeping it as far away from most animated movie trends where they make the eyes look human. Horses do show emotion with their eyes, but most animations tend to ignore the coloring and the long thin pupil.

Also, none of the images I referenced belonged to me. Sadly, I forgot to bookmark most of them. But I can say that a few of the last ones came from naturalhorses.deviantart.com

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