Monday, April 10, 2017

Slug At Work is Moving to Webtoon! And other serious stuff

Slug At Work is Moving to Webtoon!
That’s right! No more Tumblr site! Slug At Work will be moving to the comic site WebToon!
This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Move to a more official comic site. The tumblr site was always meant to test the waters since this is my first official webcomic. And though I was planning to make the official move after Chapter 1 had finished, some things have come up that that made me realize that I need to do this now, or never. However, Webtoon uses a very different sizing format. It’s not as easy as just shrinking the image down and uploading. So along with editing the sizes (and framing) of each page, I’m going to edit some of the art and clean up some things I messed up on. This means that while I’m doing this, there will be no new pages for slug at work until everything has been uploaded. Which *cross your fingers*, will only take a few days too a week.
Now the bad news....
So over the last few months, my posts have been, well, “turbulent” to say the least. Skipping weeks to post 2 pagers, going on one week to one month hiatus’. Promising a patreon page with, well, no patreon page in site.
Honestly, It all comes down to one thing--- Losing my job.
Now I know that people might be saying, “well, why don’t you just start your own business and sell your art and prints and stuff? Why not monetize on youtube and finally start the patreon page you keep wanting to do?”
Thing is...this isn’t just about money issues. From my store going through bankruptcy, to saying goodbye to good coworkers, to looking for a new job, to online job searches trying to get me to apply for things I don’t have any interest or education for (like nurse and private investigator, WTF), not to mention some very very serious situations that I have decided to keep private. 
Because of everything I am I’m trying to deal with, my depression and anxiety has become a full loop-de-loop non-stop rollercoaster ride from hell. And the techniques I usually use to combat them have either not been working, or taking much longer to work then usual. Which, you can imagine, has been murder on my motivation.
I know I said in my last update video that things were appearing to get better. But... I was wrong. I was so so very wrong.
HOWEVER! I MAY NOW HAVE A JOB. And if that is true, I may have to rework my schedule for when I post anything anyway.
So here’s the plan
1. I’m going to move all the Slug at Work pages to WebToon where the comic will be posted EXCLUSIVELY on there. As soon as that’s done, Slug at Work will start posting again. And hopefully with a patreon to go with it.
2. The speed draws and lets plays will continue. If anything, I might be doing MORE speed draws cause I really want to focus on getting more illustrations done. 
3. Reviews. Oh gosh, I miss doing reviews. I... really hope I can get at least one out soon. cross your fingers on that one.
3. I will be posting more art on my main site Art Slug. I may not have had much motivation to draw the S.A.W. but I have been sketching like crazy! So you’ll see those soon!
4. Once everything is figured out with my new job, I will be posting a new schedule for EVERYTHING. 
So I’ll see you guys soon, with new art, new, well, everything. 
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