Monday, October 23, 2017

Inktober 19- A horse name Whisper

A while back I posted some sketches of the horse Nikita rides in Snakeskin Boots, without going very much into him. Let's change that.

This is Whisper, a quarter horse and Nikita's constant companion through the Wild West. Whisper has two main emotions: deadpan and cynical, a good balance when compared to Nikita's energy and positive attitude. He's unnaturally calm and collected then your average horse and doesn't get spooked easily. Which is a good thing, considering who he travels with. When he does get scared, you know it's time to run.

Due to some tragic events from his life, Whisper has a strong understanding of how this world (and the next) works. When Nikita herself begins to lose hope, Whisper is always there to help her, showing wisdom that the centuries-old gorgon does not have.

Like most characters in the story, Whisper has his own special abilities. But I'll save that for tomorrow ;)

The hardest part about drawing Whisper was to not fall into the trap of the "Disney styled" horses. I wanted Whisper to be drawn like a realistic horse, including the unique pupils horses have. So Whisper mainly communicates through body language. The exaggerated expressions here are just me indulging in some comedic expressions and might not show up in the final story.

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