Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Slug At Work Chapter 2 comining soon! And other news!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give an update on future events to come.

So, first off, I am going on vacation this week! This week I will be only posting the last speed draw for Slug At Work, (Edit: actually the last TWO. I thought I posted page 25 on the weekend but apparently not) as I will be out of town and away from my scanner. (my phone is having trouble posting anything, even if it's ready to go.) Where am I going?

Well, okay, I'm going to a Nightvale live show in Calgary, but close enough. It's the final performance of their show "All Hail", and they've come to Canada! It's the last chance to see it, so if you're a Canadian Nightvale fan, head over and get some tickets!

Next up, Slug At Work Chapter 2 is coming... *drum roll* IN MAY!

Okay, okay, I know I've been keeping you guys waiting. But there are some BIG things happening in May in Edmonton, and if I wanna be ready to participate, I'm going to need the next three weeks to get the comic and everything ELSE, ready to go!  What big things? Well, I'm going to keep that a secret for now.

It's gonna be one hell of a month ;)

So I'll see you soon!

Tegan Dumpleton aka The SlugLady

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