Sunday, May 27, 2018

Slug At Work Chapter 2 page 1 is out!

I will admit, this page was a lesson in... experimenting. As I said before, It's been a while since I've painted like this. Heck, the last time I painted a page was back in November 2016! But when I looked at my digital and traditional paintings of betta fish and water, traditional just had a much better feel to me. And I'm taking a page out of Namesakes book and using color on important images. Mainly each fish. Luckily for me, the majority of pages feature one particular fish. So I need to go stock up on some blue inks ;)

Now on the technical side of experimenting... whoo-boy

I worked very hard to create a 3 point perspective grid by hand... and I'm pretty sure the perspective is still off. Only at the end did I realize that I could have just used a premade grid or a digital grid that would take minutes to make. Not to mention, several times while working on the page, I kept realizing that "Hey, don't I have (enter resource here)? That would have made this gone 10 times faster"

Ah well. Lessons learned for page 2.

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