Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Forget Inktober! Time for..."Inkvember?"

Sooo, you may have noticed the lack of Inktober drawings. Well, to be honest? I put WAY too much on my plate. I said back in August that October is the most business time of year for me, but when October hit, I thought "Hey, I did it last year right?".

But there was just too much work this year. I'm exhausted. I have all 30 drawings sketched out, but none of them inked. So I'm gonna make a little edit.

Instead of rushing through the inking process (especially on paper that I've been having major bleeding issues with), I'm gonna post ALL of the sketches, inktober or not, that I've worked on this month! Then I'm gonna post the finished versions in November.

The post of those drawings will be on November 3rd! Why Nov 3rd? Because Halloween don't end just cause October does! And... holy plot device on a stick, I need some freakin sleep so I can draw straight.

What I WILL post tomorrow is a picture of me in my costume!

Now, there is also the issue of Slug at Work and what's going on with that, as well as a few other projects.

Well, I have plans, but nothing that I should state as solid until I get some decent shut-eye. Or without seeing my work schedule for November.

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