Sunday, October 7, 2018

Inktober 2018 Day 1- Neighbours Cat

Edit: Heres a better quality of photo

Yo! Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I'm doing Inktober! This year I'm doing a visual diary. So style and tools are open. I'm away from my scanner so here's a photo via phone. I'll post the update as soon as I can.

This is 'Mystery Cat', because I don't know her name. She's the neighbours' cat and she's super cute and friendly. If you sit outside, she comes to say hi and to get scratchys. And nothing is better than a friendly warm cat on my lap. It was a cold day so I brought a blanket.

I'll be posting multiple pics this week to catch up. I know this past month has me dead on my feet, so I have several days off this week to help me get back my sea legs.

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