Saturday, November 3, 2018

October Sketches

Hey all! As promised, here's my un-inked Inktober sketches. And some bonuses ones as well! Not all of them will get finalized.

(10) Myself in my costume, a sea queen & Media as Hexadecimal from Reboot. (11) Sam as Mecha-Boris and (12) Media as Demon Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

(13) Whisper as a ghost, (14) Nikita as Indiana Jones

(15) Lily from my Beast Wars fanfiction as Sailor Pluto, from Sailor Moon, with a Luna P Ball wheelchair!

Lily's sisters, (16) Daiz and (17) Orchid as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Venus (Totally forgot N & V are a couple until after drawing this. Please don't read into it), and their niece, (18) Wild Rose/Raptor as Odile from Swan Lake (19)Torg from Galactic Adventures as Superman

(20) Mantis from Galactic Adventures as Wonder Woman, (21) a mystery character dressed as a snazzy skeleton. (22) Garnet from Steven Universe dressed as a cat with cat Steven on her lap (whoops, the wrong eye missing.), (23) Cat Steven trying on Garnets glasses

(24) Erma from the comic Erma going trick or treating (25) A sword design for a certain character

My three betta girls (26) Indiana as a safari explorer (Indiana Jones was taken), (27) Rouge as the Paper Bag Princess, and (28) Night Shade as Pikachu. (29) Temmy from Undertale getting Tem Flakes for Halloween

(30) Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls playing out a scene from the episode "Ludo In The Wild" from the show, Star vs the Forces of Evil. And finally (31) Me, ending Halloween with chocolate and a good night sleep

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