Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CeDe Candy


Here's a fun assignment from school! Images for a corporate brochure for a company of our choice! After a semester of doing darker, serious drawings, I went with something... extremely pink. 

Ce De Candy, makers of Smarties (Rockets if you live in Canada), Candy Necklaces, and Smarties Pops, some of my favorite Candies.

The company is literally, an old fashion candy company. I wanted to stick with that theme, and the nostalgia value it has. One the first image, I went with the name Rockets because.... I live in Canada. But the label is interchangeable. The second one is meant to represent the three generations of the Ce De family. And the last two focus on the workers and the product. And the third one can be used as a header.
Heres a Fun fact: The reason Ce De's products are called Rockets in Canada instead of Smarties, is because Nestle's Smarties already has ownership of the name in Canada. The USA does not actually sell Nestle's Smarties!

Edit July 26: Edited the first one a little. Just a little tweaking of the letters and colors.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this wonderful work! Could we feature this post on the Rockets Facebook Page? If you made one for Smarties, we could also put it up on the Smarties Facebook page (which has a few more "likers"! Please let me know :)
    Kind regards,
    Liz Dee (Director of Digital Media, Smarties Candy Company)

  2. Dear Ms. Dee,
    Thank you so much for your message! I would love it if my drawings were put on your facebook page. I would also love to make a "Smarties" variation for the other page. I will e-mail you when the new image is ready.

    All I ask in return is that you credit me for the images and do not use them for commercial use.

  3. Hi Tegan,
    Thanks for your great response! You can email me at Contact@Smarties.com I look forward to hearing from you :)