Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mermaid Blood roughs part 2 Nyneve the Sea Witch

Next round of roughs for Mermaid Blood, a series of fairy tale-esk stories surrounding mermaids. This time, you get to see characters I CAN talk about!

This is the Sea Witch, Nyneve, because every Mermaid story needs a Sea Witch...

Actually, Nyneve is one of the main characters/plot devices in the stories. Before you ask, yes, I was a little inspired by Ursula from Disney's Little Mermaid, by they're personalities and drives are very different. In fact she might be closer to Stein from Soul Reaper O_o

Nyneve has magical abilities, but prefers being hands on, and she doesn't have grand dreams of ruling the ocean. She's a collector. You can make almost any deal with Nyneve, if you have the payment to back it up.

Though, the payment could be almost anything as well. A shiny gem, a flower, or maybe your left eye. It might be safer to stay away from her...

These sketches of Nyneve are not final. I'm still working out things like her face and *sigh* her hair. The hair I hate so much, I covered it in the flippin' seashell. You'll see in the nextimage. But these designs are the closest to what I want so far.

The image on the left was done with a reference, as a quick guide to show how her arms and claws move. The image is a combination of a few poses from pose maniacs.

Earlier designs of Nyneve. So far, she's been the hardest character to design. I originally made her part cephalopod, but just looks way to much like Ursula and Morgana. I finally decided to make her more base off of crustaceans, like the crabs, lobsters and shrimp.

Next is a few designs of Nyneve's face shape and hair. I'm still trying to figure out the hair though.

I like the idea of Nyneve wearing a seashell hat (one that she switches often). But as for her actual hair, the first head in the left corner is probably the closest I've gotten. I just want it to be longer...

Nyneve's hair is meant to be akin to antenna or metal ribbons that flow backwards around her head. Think Mr. Sinister's cape from the 90s X-Men cartoon. However, getting the angles right has proved to be a bit of a problem. Unless I change the design, I'm probably going to construct a model to draw from...

Just a few ideas for Nyneve's workshop. Nyneve is part pack rat, part business woman, part mad scientist. And her workshop shows it. She needs a variety of skills in her line of work, and, as i've said, Nyneve prefers to be hands on. Nyneve is also not above creating "crimes against nature". Like the anemone/octopus in the corner.

Up top is a seashell necklace blowing a bubble. It's a magical tool Nyneve and her servants use for collecting. The bubble forms around the item and creates a bottle, perceiving the item inside, like the fish tail on the right.

That's it for Nyneve for now.


...Oh, what the heck--

"Poor unfotunate souls~ 
 Yes indeed~"

Heh. Gotta love the classics

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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