Friday, April 20, 2012

Business Card

Hello everyone! Here are my designs for my business cards!

There are two versions of the card, with one side showing the header from Art Slug or Sluglady's Sketch-log. But here's the other side, with the information and...

As you can see, I changed my original design from Sam chasing me with his broom. This one is far more simple... and actually fits the format better (not to self: long web addresses— limited format options for business cards). But, I think I like this one better. As for the text, those that remember my previous cards might notice I didn't really change anything, especially regarding my name header. This is really just because I didn't see a reason to change it.

(oh, and if you're looking at your address bar and seeing artslug.blogspot.CA instead of .COM, don't panic. Both addresses work. But I think it changes automatically to .CA when your in canada.)

Now let's cross our fingers and hope that it gets printed off before comic con!


Oh, what the heck! Here's a second sketch of Sam and me:

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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