Monday, July 16, 2012

Tegan's Adventures in Edmonton Weather

This was not the bonus images I was planning, but it's the bonus images I need.

Sadly enough, other then the ice pack, this is not an exaggeration... Excuse my while I let off some steam...

I already told you guys about how the heat was starting to get to my computer... I wasn't kidding. I have an older model of Mac that was actually overclocked to run faster. Faster then the fan can keep up with. Last weekend, it was boiling hot. Middle of the night. I'm tryin gto work. I get hungry. I take my computer out of the basement, into the kitchen, so i watch something while I cook. A few minutes later--- BLIP! My computer turns off. Battery was full. Didn't feel that hot... until I realised that it was probably over 25 degrees in the house. Aw crap.

I must have spent about and hour or two manually holding my computer up to a large metal fan in my bedroom, the coolest place in the house, constanly restarting it and shutting it off again, trying to get the thing to stop glitching long enough for me to make a back-up so I didn't lose my work. I think I must have restarted my computer more then 7 times before it finally started to behave. But not before scaring me over and over again into thinking I'd killed it.

And after going to bed in the early morning, i spent the next day hunting down fans for my computer, which i didn't get until the evening.


THIS week, however, we got a different story.

Okay, granted, the water level is an exagetaion... the window is not. Kinda?

Wednesday night, everyone was hit with a large thunder and lightnign storm. Honestly, it looked gorgious to me. I wish I got my camera out before the HAIL AND RAIN began pouring down. I tried to get some sleep, trid to ignore the thunder and the sound of rain hitting my window...

Until I heard water pouring into my room.

A quick mad dash to my parents later, and me and mom started pulling away the dresser, and tossing everying on the floor onto my bed, while my dad started bailing out my window box.  Turns out that the rain-barrel and a few water spouts had overflowed right into my window box, filling it up. And as a bonus, the sealant on my window had weakened. Sometimes it does not pay to live in a basement.

Though at one point, I did completely broke and cried "I miss Calgary! I want my chinooks back!" Eheh...

By the time we got the thing at least contained, and sucked up most of the water with the carpet cleaner, the sun was rising. With half wet things on my bed, i was forced to sleep on the most uncomfortable couches ever and spent my one day off in a half sleep stupor as I try to do landry and clean my still wet room.

Again--- fun.

Alright, I complain, but I didn't really have it that bad... compared to everyone else. Look it up, because that weather caused a huge mess. Hail the size of large grapes literally covered peoples yards. An apartment near us flooded  with several feet of water and had to throw everything out the next day, manhole covered blew their lids, a few stores were closed, and I know at least one guy was stranded on top of his car in the middle of a flooded highway. Thank you God, that none of us had to take the highway next day because every road was completely backed up for hours.

Thank god it wasn't as bad as it could have been and thank god it didn't happen in my studio, because the wall with the window has two bookshelves, my light table, my brand new scanner, an even older computer, and lots and lots of paper. In retrospect--- not my best idea.

Oh, and thank god it wasn't that bad when it happen the SECOND time this week. Gah. By then, the new sealant was in...

Okay.... I think I'm good now... though it's safe to say that the website changes have been put on hold... again... Grrrrrr.

See you guys tomorrow!
Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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