Friday, March 1, 2013

Computer is kaputski. Time for another hiatus... *UPDATE*

When I use an image this old, it's not a good thing...

Welp. That's it. After 5 long years of trying to keep it working, my computer is finished. I had it checked out today and it's either pay a lot of money on an old piece of tech, that might not work, or get a new computer. Guess which choice I'm going with?

So, ya, until I get a new computer and transfer everything on, I'm going to be on the net sparingly. (aka, whenever I can steal a few moments on one of my relative's computers). It shouldn't be a long hiatus. Probably a week, but, I figure I'd give everyone a heads up, just in case something goes wrong... or I break another piece of tec.

Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

Update Mar2/13- Did I say a week? Ha ha ha. Oh me and my expectations... Sigh. Looks like it's actually going to take longer then expected to get a new computer and transfer things over. So, don't expect anything for a while. I have no idea how long this was going to take. But as things progress, I will keep you updated and will try to work out something with a temporary computer.

Update April 27--Okay! It's been two months and I've got a new computer AND now all my files are transfered over. I've also been spending the last month or so trying to figure out how to work windows 8. But now, I have my programs back, my files back, I'm in my happy place, and I finally managed to figure out how to turn off the dang touch pad. New stuff will start up sometime in May, because I have multiple medical stuff to get out of the way in the next week. Because nothing says creative inspiration like getting a root canal!


Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

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