Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crippling Depression!

You'd think I'd be able to notice the signs after all these years. But nope! 

So, yes, I haven't posted anything I planned, mainly due to crippling depression! Or rather, not realizing i was showing signs of major depression until it became overwhelmingly unbearable.

In fact, this has been the most unproductive month I have had in a while. Literally could not draw. I wondered if it was anxiety from the art walk coming up. Or maybe due to my lack of proper sleep. Depression caused by stress. Maybe I was being lazy.

None of the above! Turns out the new sleeping pills i started at the beginning of the May, were actually causing my depression to kick up, even keeping my usual anti depressents from working. I've been off them for a couple days, and my mood has gone up a lot.

I was honestly going to save this joke for my comic, but I'm usually prescribed new sleeping pills and new amounts to take, like, every two months. I've taken so many over the years i don't even remember half their names anymore. It's the only medication I haven't been able to find the right balance for. 

Guess it's back to the drawing board for me (in more ways then one.)

-Tegan Dumpleton aka the SlugLady

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