Friday, June 30, 2017

Everythings gonna be Ok- artwalk cancelled, paintings preview, hiatus ongoing

things i was working on for the art walk
Hey guys. Sorry if any formating on this is weird, im doing this from my phone.

Long story short, my depression from last month wasnt caused by a change in medication. and despite appearing to get better, its become obvious that its gotten much worse. Honestly i probably shouldnt be writing this now with how my mind set right now. but i thought i should let all you guys who support me whats going on.

This along with many other reasons is why i decided to pull out of the artwalk. i tried starting the comic back up but every idea has been tainted with dark thoughts and every enjoyment has been fleeting.

But there is a silverlining.

First the art walk. i may not be part of it this year but i acomplished my personal goal: im painting again. And when my mood is stable, im enjoying it. you can see various works in progress above.

Second i recognize whats going on with me and after exhausting all my usual resources, im going to see my therapist and doctor soon.

Third, im taking the next few days off to get recharge and get better. better enough to be around people anyway.

And four, IM NOT GIVING Up. Im still commited to my art, my writing, and my comic, Slug At Work.

Depression is a constant speedbump in my life, and some are bigger then others. so this happens. Its happened for years. but there is no way im going to let it permanatly stop me.

So you'll hear from me soon!
- Tegan Dumpleton aka the SlugLady

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