Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shark Week Aint Over till I Say It's Over

(site update at very bottom)

I'll be honest with you guys. I fucking love sharks. And it just so happens that in June (you know, the month before Mermaid May and July Shark week) I was drawing some lovely shark mermaids... uh, shark-maids? Whatever. So enjoy. These gals were originally going to be part of my art walk series, so you'll be seeing more them them soon (except for the rest of this week cause I'm going camping. Full update at the bottom)

Goblin, Whale, Tiger and Thresher shark concept art
Mako, Angel, and Wobbegong Shark concept art

Hammer Head and Epaulette Shark Concept art
Some of the designs have changed since then, but you'll have to wait for next week for those!

Happy Shark Week!

Hi guys! I'm back! Remember how i said I needed a few days off and it turned out to be a month?! Boy, wasn't that swell?

Okay serious update, my depression has been spiking up and down like a roller coaster. But things seem to be... somewhat stable? At the moment?

So I'm going to start posting stuff. How often, I have no idea. I work at a party store and Halloween is the most insane time of the year. But here's my plan at the moment.

Slug At Work-- There's about 8 or so pages left in the first chapter. So hopefully I can get all of those done before the one year anniversary in October?

Reviews- Since I've been watching so many shark week videos, I'm going to do a v-log type review about the shows and what was the coolest stuff. After that, I have 2 Moana theory videos I want to put out.

Games-really want to get my footage of Night In the Woods up because I just had so much fun with that game. I'm thinking because I don't post letsplays often, I'm going to keep going with the large chunks of videos instead of 20 minute long segments.

However, since we are now in August, my "Year of Blackwell" plan has taken a nose dive. So instead of a year of Blackwell games, I'm just going to keep playing at my own pace, and maybe a couple other Wadjet Eye games, with the goal of putting out those letsplays before their next game, Unavowed, comes out (any Wadjet Eye game that takes place in New York tends to be a connected universe and I have theories about Unavowed that i currently can't share without spoiling Blackwell)

Everything else, from a patreon to livestreams, those, well, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, people. No solid plans for anything else right now.

So I'll see you guys next week after my camping trip.

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