Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Blood in the Water sketches pt2

Two more sketches from Blood In The Water. These are the last sketches (please excuse that horrible anatomy in the first image) but I need names for these guys if I keep posting stuff of them.

Let's go with... Meg for our shark girl and Amy for buff girl. 

I mentioned that Meg can shapeshift. You saw her human-ish and shark-ish forms yesterday, but she can go full shark.

But she's not full shark here...

Here we go! This is Meg's big secret. Well, one of them. She looks similar to a great white, but she's actually a Megalodon. (Meg? Megalodon? Get it? Y-you get it? Haha?)

Meg usually isn't in her full shark form, because it would require a lot of space and a LOT of food. She usually only uses it to go deeper, where the pressure is too much for modern sharks. Luckily, she shrinks when she shifts into a human form, so she's able to "appear" to be a great white shark. But if a marine biologist was to look at her, they'd know instantly that she does not have the same body as a great white.

And above is Meg's original origin. I don't know if I'm going to keep this splash of sci-fi in the story or make Meg's origins more fantasy based.

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