Monday, March 12, 2018

Blood in the Water- Shelved story idea

Here's a story that I randomly pick off the shelf now and again. Blood in the Water (working title) is a romantic fantasy that focuses on a shape-shifting shark mermaid and a buff tourist vacationing in Hawaii, that may not be exactly human.

 These sketches were super fast but I did do a little cleaning up. Oh, and I made the text legible. Here are some random scenes from the story:

She also forgets to mention, she's a massive flirt, even in "primal shark" mode.

Sometime later

And after they get to know each other...

The mermaid was a character I made long ago. But this actual stories was more of an experiment to write an, ahem, "adult romance" story.

Turns out I don't like writing romance. Especially adult romance. It's not me being squeamish, cause I can draw said scenes. I just don't have interest in it. So Blood in the Water won't get written anytime soon (I mean, the characters are current "Mermaid" and "Buff Girl"). But drawing this mermaid is too much fun. so she will be back.

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