Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Content Starts Tomorrow!

Hey all! As I promised a month ago, I have taken February to get back into the groove of  not-having-to-go-to-therapy-4-times-a-week, and I'm back. I am ALSO done with the big family project that took up a lot of my content making time the past month (A video for my grandparents 60th anniversary/grandpa's 80th birthday, which was a lot of fun to make )! So guess what!


Is there going to be an exact schedule? Well, nope. But even if the days are regular, the content will be. Every week there will be, along with a speed draws, a Slug at Work comic, sketches and other projects, and a let's play video. And once every month, there will be at least one video review.

Now for the extra bits:

Slug At Work Chapter two is not going to start until April. I got a few more extra comics I want to get out before we start the next storyline.

For lets plays, I've decided to just do one video a week, instead of smashing them all together. Yeah, it will take longer to get the full playthrough out, but I'd rather have a consistent amount of content going on. Aaaaaand, I'm more artist then letsplayer, and that's how it's always going to be.

Why only one video review a month? Just like lets play, I'm more art focused. And even though my reviews are also part speed-draws, it takes me longer to put a review together then a letsplay or a comic. I'm hoping to solve this by making my reviews a lot shorter then the past ones, so I can put them out more consistently.

New artwork will also include fan art. I got inspired to do a rewrite of an old story of mine, so you'll be seeing that slowly come out too.

I also have some secret stuff in the works, but we'll cross the bridge later.

Alright! See you all tomorrow!

-Tegan Dumpleton aka The Sluglady

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