Sunday, August 19, 2018

Blackwell Deception Titlecard! At long last!!!

DANG I am proud of this one!

This was the hardest titlecard for me. I went through a lot of different ideas for how I wanted it to look. I wanted to show different aspects and characters involved. We learn more about Joey and Rosa's past, and this game is where we really see a big leap in their relationship. BW: Conversion was very focused on Rosa trying to get Joey to trust her. This is the game where Joey has to earn HER trust.

It's also when we got the phone mechanic, hence the selfie.

Seriously tho--- the amount of time that passed before I could finish this piece was stupid. Short version-- for the longest time, I had no idea WHAT to do for this titlecard. I went through a lot of thumbnails and ideas. And then when I DID know what to do I had other more pressing matters... and my multiple colds. But it's FINISHED! Now on to Epiphany...

And, there is a lot of extras involved with this piece, so when I post the speed draw, it's going to have COMMENTARY! Just a little something different this time.

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