Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcoming Site Updates and News

Hey guys. If you've been looking at my blog, then you'll know I've been pretty busy for the last couple months, working on my portfolio. If you haven't: I've been busy the last few weeks working on my portfolio. Last week, the portfolio was finished and I had my 4 year portfolio show! Thanks to everyone who helped out or came by to check out our work!

Not everything in my portfolio is on the site yet, but that should be rectified within the next couple weeks. I still have one more assignment before schools done. But theres alot to come, including a section-- Animations!

And starting May 1, there will be an update once a week or more on all sites. I should be able to start new updates this weekend. Seeya then!

-Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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