Saturday, February 17, 2018

Putting things on a "random" schedule

Hi guys! As you might have noticed, there is not speed draw today... again

*Notice's Sam, who's about to pull the lever that says "Hiatus"*

NO! Don't you dare pull that, Sam! This is NOT A HIATUS! I REPEAT NOT A HIATUS!

The speed draw will come out tomorrow! Saturday is just not working anymore as a day to post new stuff.

But it's obvious that try to jump right back into a set schedule, while readjusting to work again may have been a bad idea. Along with work, I'm getting myself back into the art community and appointments and I guess I may have been overextending myself... aka: I AM VERY TIRED D:

So when it came time to work on something to post I kinda... forgot.

Yeah, I'm not proud of it. But looking at my schedule for the rest of February, I decided something. I'm going to stop having a set schedule for everything, FOR THE MOMENT. That means updates will happen randomly, including the speed draws and the bonus comics. Hopefully, by March, I'll have figured out the new schedule for everything.

See you soon!

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