Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Helloween Tribute- Old Art post

Many many years ago, during my college days, I was looking for some new letsplays to watch. And that's when I came across Helloween4545. What letsplay was it that got my hooked? His American Mcgee's Alice letsplay? Maybe his Silent Hill 3 letsplay? Call of Cthulhu? Amnesia the Dark Decent? I honestly can't remember.

But I do remember absolutely loving his humor and game play commentary so much that I instantly started digging through every playlist of games he had at the time. Whether it was his conversations with "Helloween number 2 and 3", his absolute joy when finding a game's shotgun, or just his general commentary in each game he played, Helloween always kept me laughing. He introduced me to games I never thought I'd enjoy. And to games that I hated, but watched anyway because he made them fun to watch.

This picture, for instance? I drew years ago while watching a few episodes of his Alan Wake letsplay, back in 2012. I found it while going through some old sketches, and realized I never posted it. And since Helloween just celebrated his 10 year anniversary, I figured this was a good time to show this old bit of nostalgia. I haven't edited any of the original picture, except making the dialogue more, well, legible. Hopefully everyone can see it okay, since I don't have my usual programs to clean it up


Tegan Dumpleton aka The Sluglady

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