Monday, April 30, 2018

Calgary Showcase pt 5: Glenbow part 5, and Nightvale cosplay

And now for the rest of the Glenbow. Please keep in mind that these are not the full exhibits (partially because half my pictures came out blurry) so if you wanna see the full exhibitions, head over to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary!

These guys have always been here. I just put them here for fun


John Will is described an artist that works with photographs but isn't a photographer. He does take some photos but he mostly uses them IN his art. Literally! Unfortunately, the pieces were all numbered, with their names on a chart but I think this first one's title is a little obvious.

She Walks Amongst Us

It's a story about an alien. Apparently, she lives in Calgary. (Just... go read the Glenbow page)

One thing I really loved was all the weird ways he incorperated painting, printmaking and photos. Along the frames of the three bottom ones were printed text. One of which was partially written in upsidown and then mirrored. Make sure to bring a pocket mirror with you before you check it out.

This one is my favorite. Go ahead and take a closer look. I believe the name of it was "a hotline to god" or something similar.

Eye of the Needle

Embroidery. Tuffing. Sewing. Eye of the Needle looks at needlework from the past and present, showing of everything from international dresses, to pieces from Meti and unknown tribes of the past, to modern needlework ranging from the abstract, to the astonishingly realistic. It not only went into historical technics and uses, but also how needlework has changed for the decades.

Okay, the statement beside this vest turned out blurry but I want to show it because ALL OF THAT GREEN IS GLASS BEADS!!!

I really really hope you can read this :( Cause the story is really neat)

And now we have some past calgary fashion

Didn't get the description for this one either

(3) Picture Butte- Isabella McLeod

 (2) Homemaking Sampler- Mrs. A.K. McNeill

(5) Faceny According to Leehallfae -Colleen Kerr

 (6) I Need No One's Permission- Colleen Kerr

Memoria- Laura Vickerson
Again, the statement was too blurry. I can tell you that all of these samples are from different people, but I guess you'll just have to go to the glenbow to check it out ;)

Thats it for the Glenbow! And now...


Specifically the Welcome to Nightvale live show: ALL HAIL. Sadly, I couldn't get a clear picture of the actual show, but there was a few Nightvale cosplays that I had to get pictures of.

Also, I dressed up.

Not as a character, but skeleton girl with Luminati scarf and eyeball earrings seemed Nightvale-y enough.

On to the cosplay!



And that does it for Calgary. Tune in next time for the sound of nothing at all, because you are reading a blog. Unless you have something playing in the background. Man, Nightvale-esc outros are hard. 

Tegan Dumpleton aka The Slug Lady

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