Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Galactic Adventures sketches continued

Hey guys!  This week I'll be working on the site some more, so here are some more sketches from Galactic Adventures. I'm continuing to rework some pieces of the story, so that also means redesigning some of the places, and equipment.

Hey look! Backgrounds! Felt good to drawn the planet from the story again. It's been a long time. The planet Torg is on is covered in water and fairly dense forests of crystalized plants. Even the hard soil has bits of crystal sediments stuck in the ground.

And this is one of the underground tunnels caused by the water. Even underground, the crystalized plantlife grows. In the dark, the plants all light up like lanterns.

A simple sketch of the bridge of Torg's ship. Trying to work out the angles of a scene.

Mantis's ship, which I'm currently redesigning.

And weapons! I should note that everything about Torg is rounded and curved, while Mantis' items are sharp and sleek. So while Mantis' guns look like sharp sniper guns and shotguns, Torg's looks like... a super soaker.

Also, Mantis carries darts, knives and little bombs shaped like praying mantis heads...What?

That's it for now. Seeya guys soon!

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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