Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Site News!

Hey all. So, as you can see, life is still taking up a large amount of my time. Between cons, starting a full time job and dental surgery (fun!), I've moved around a lot of plans I've had.

For the Sketch Log, I will be posting the western themed review this week. Unfortunately, due to my plans for Halloween, I won't be able to get my Edmonton Expo report out until November. So what am I doing for Halloween? Well... You'll know soon.

And for ArtSlug, well, you may have noticed that ArtSlug hasn't had much lovin' lately. I didn't have time to do a Halloween Art Challenge for October. Sadly, work has been keeping me from doing a lot of personal work, other then a few sketches or title cards. So November will be used to help me get back into my art groove. I'm going to be reworking the site to make it a little more easier to find stuff, clean out stuff I don't like, and post some of the new stuff I've been working on. Including MEH!, which I will also be working on during November.

Aaaand I just collected a whole catalogue of reference from another kind of expo. So you may be seeing an old character of mine slithering around the ArtSlug site fairly soon...

 Tegan Dumpleton

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