Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just checking in


This is... honestly a journal to say hi. I've been offline from most stuff, as I've been trying to clean out my computer and have been failing miserably. Oh, and I've been writing and drawing. Nothing ready yet. After how my computer has been acting, (if you don't check out the Sketch-Log, my computer had yet another tantrum, causing me to cancel my Halloween video and setting some of my projects back), I've been less inclined to stick more stuff on it. Like Photoshop. Oh crud. Photoshop. How I miss you.

Changes and new stuff are coming. Bare with me here as I continue to fight through technical difficulties

On the bright side: DOCTOR WHO 50TH ANIVERSARY! Will there be fanart here? Fudge ya! Eventually.

Tegan Dumpleton

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