Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Calgary showcase pt2: ACAD student art

Time to check out my old school! Let's see what the students have been up to!

The view I fell in love with the first time I came to the school.

And guess what just happened to be going on!

Now I have no idea if all of these were part of the 4th year show. But, either way here's a selection of what I saw (aka: the images that didn't turn out blurry) There were some great pieces here! Some of them involving mental illness. You can tell the 2018 fourth years have some real talent!

If any of the artists featured do not want their pictures posted, please let me know.

This one I didn't get the artist's name. But I thought it was important to show. It was a collaboration with the audience. There's a list of names of indigenous women and girls that have either gone missing or have been murdered. You pick a name from the list, write it on a red square of fabric and later on, the name is pinned to the dress. I remember from the artist statement that red was used because of its symbolic significance. If the artist sees this, please let me know so I can credit you!


That's it for now! Tomorrow I'll be showing off some of the new exhibits at the Glenbow Museum and the cosplays from the Nightvale Live show!

Edit: sorry guys i know i said tomorrow but i forgot thursday was my early shift plus my neices fashion show. ill get the next set of pictures done as fast as possible

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