Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Showcasing Calgary pt 1: Kensington Art

Hey guys! I figured, since I have all these photos of Calgarian art and places, I should show them off.

Calgary was my home for 5 important years---my college years--- and though Edmonton is my true home, a piece of my heart is always in Calgary. And despite any rivially between the two cities, I'm just going to be blunt here: CALGARY AND EDMONTON ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME.

*dodges tomatoes from both cities*

It's true! I mean, there are some big differences.

Calgary has a better city set up (it's set up like a T-chart, which makes more sense to me) and has a train set up that actually makes sense. Edmonton has West Edmonton Mall and Churchhill square. While Calgary has an amazing zoo. And of course, Calgary has the Alberta College of Art and Design.

But in look and feel, Edmonton and Calgary are so similar.

Like Kengington, a series are stores right by ACAD that always reminded me of Edmontons Whyte Ave, except much more spacious. And cleaner. 

Okay, I better just start showing pictures before my family kicks me out of town.

Kengsintion has a lot of graffiti art, some are new and some i remember back when I lived them.

To this day, I still do not know the history of this car, but it always decorated with art.

A construction store's dedication to a special dog

On the front side has an image of the car from up top, but it turned out too blurry.

And of course, one of my favorite places to go back in college

The people running it has changed, but the open, friendly atmosphere remains. Well, there is ONE guy still working there:

Hey "ADC" Hulk! Looking good!

When I was anxious, Another Dimension Comics was where I would take my "zen time". I picked up a few pins and comics, but it was the new display section that floored me. 

It was like an exhibit at an art gallery. Every time I thought I saw everything, I turned my head and there was MORE. Ignore how I keep trying to get close-ups of one specific section. I was trying to get a good shot and the spotlights/ my reflection were in the way.

Tomorrow I'll post some art from my old college!

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