Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Amish Robot: A one-shot comic


The Amish Robot. It's a short, 5 page one-shot featuring my favorite little optimistic steam-bot as he tries to prove himself to a local Amish Community. No offense to the Amish is meant here.

It was created for ACAD's comic book club. I, along with several other students, came together to create an anthology of comics, which we sold at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo of 2010. Now, the club is no longer together, but we will be selling the book again at this years convention!
The book is titled Acadian Comics and consists of about 13 short comics (about 3-5 pages each) and is selling for $10 a book and there will be some other art to buy as well. See you there!

Fun fact: The Amish Robot's "master" (name not revealed yet) use to be Amish. But during rumspringa (which is when young Amish members leave the community to get visit the outside world and then decide whether they want to stay or not), he decided to leave permanently and become a mechanic. And yes, some Amish communities do accept outsiders. Not all but some. I did quite a bit of research before i wrote this.

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